Instructions for Use

It is recommended to pay attention to the following elements in order to be able to use your carpet, which is carefully produced for you for many years with the elegance of the first day.


General use

  • Your carpet should not be beaten, beaten or swept with the brushless tips of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Coffee table, sofa etc. on your carpet. If there are items, their places should be changed from time to time to prevent traces, and the contact areas should be swept with the brushless tips of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Fluff shedding is common as your carpet is produced with natural material. With regular vacuum cleaning, it is reduced to almost no in a short time.
    • Why is fluff shedding common in carpets produced with natural materials?
      Natural threads such as viscose, wool and floss are made of very fine fibers twisted. The lengths of natural fibers are limited and different. After weaving, yarns are subjected to cutting / trimming processes to equalize their lengths. The situation called pile shedding is the extra yarn that is too short to be bent, is thrown out of the carpet by use. This is normal and unavoidable in products woven with natural yarn. With regular sweeping, fluff shedding is reduced to negligible in a short time.


Stain Removal

If something spills on your carpet, action must be taken very quickly.

  • In such cases, the excess liquid should be absorbed by applying a tampon with a paper towel before the liquid disperses, and cleaning agents containing bleaching chemicals (such as bleach) should never be used.
  • The area where the liquid is poured should be wiped with cold water and natural soap after tampon application.
  • Wiping should be done with the help of a soft and white cloth in the direction of the pile in a way that does not scatter the stain; Hard scrubbing against the circular or pile direction should be avoided.
    • Neden halıyı hav yönünde silmeliyim?
      Natural threads such as viscose, wool and floss are made of very fine fibers twisted. Circular hard wiping or excessive pressure rubbing during cleaning may open these bends. When the standing strength of the opened ropes disappears, the crushed fibers may intertwine and cause the appearance of "felting" colloquially. Since the untwisted ropes will lie in different directions, they can reflect light from different angles. These light reflections can also be interpreted by the consumer as color loss / difference. In order to avoid these consequences, you should behave in accordance with the above instructions when wiping your carpet.
  • The cleaned area should not be stepped on until completely dry.


Deep Cleaning

  • For deep cleaning of your carpet, support should be obtained from professional carpet cleaning centers that are experts in hand carpet washing. It should be emphasized that your carpet is made of natural material in the washing center and that heavy chemical cleaners containing Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic) should never be used during washing.
  • After cleaning, your carpet should be dried in a short time without hanging.
  • Your carpet should not be used when it is wet and should be protected from direct sunlight.
  • For professional carpet care and cleaning, you can consult the sales point where you bought your carpet.